Monday, June 13, 2005

peRsonaLity pRob?!

peRsonaLity pRob?! i now work at the hospital on weekends. i haven't been there for the last two weeks. was sick.. aGain.. anyway, saturday was a disaster. becoz of me, lunch was served half an hour late. huhhh.. i do blame myself. but frens blame our manaGer, coz she was supposed to teach me n she never did mention that food was supposed to Go in the oven at 11am. i just realized it half an hour later. huhhh.. but.. everythinG was fine after that coz.. ehehk.. u Gotta know how to Get ur bos to have faith in u.. i somehow tend to have that skill. *laff* and i had a chance to make up for all the mistakes i did on the next day. however, sunday was a disaster for my fren.. *poor thinG* nothinG's riGht. everythinG she does will either Get the bos mad or she'd Get complaints. *poor, poor thinG* i think the bos has a personality problem. it's like, one minute she's so sweet, and the other minute u Get massive scoldinGs from her.. huh.. wat's ur problem Girl.. lady bos problem? u know.. the thinG with a lady beinG the bos.. ahaks.. well..personally, i think it's just normal. i've part-time worked at alot of places.. so, quite use to the environment. to my fren, chill out. don't quit, orait?

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