Sunday, July 24, 2005

aku pOn update laa..

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punya lah stress, kambenG pon turut serta..nGeee...

tommorow is my Group's presentation day, [as well as the other 5 Groups]..
kali ni aGak work hard juGak laa..
psst... i have allen in my Group.
today we worked from 2-6pm.
lunch break, then continued at 1opm after maGhrib.

"teaching Grammar to younG learners"

what do you think?
this topic is quite challenGinG.
bcoz there are lots of approaches a teacher can use.
but thru my 'wide' readinG, i discovered that when teachinG Grammar to younG kids, the approach and methods a teacher uses must be 'child-friendly'. u can't teach Grammar to kids the same way you teach adults. it's all about the pedaGoGical approach a teacher uses.

sonGs, art, Games, rhymes+poems, stories
..are all the alternatives teachers can use to make learning excitinG, fun, enjoyable, so to speak.

issues? any arisinG issues?
..why do teachers have to teach Grammar in the first place?
[Good question huh? i spent like half of my life at skool and outside from skool tryinG to understand what a noun or verb is, or what the heck past proGressive or future continuos tense is (eii.. ade ke? ntah laa] teachers introduce Grammatical terms to kids? teachers actually 'teach' Grammar to kids?
..and the best question of all "WHAT IS GRAMMAR?"

tanak cakap banyak ah.. bak kata someone, "it's all in the book. read for yourselves-lah"
[definitely not a Good quotation, but..wat the heck?!]

m. rinvolucri
m. williams
j. moon

ni suGGested readinG ar..
why am i tellinG u Guys about this?
bcoz some of u [bebudak marjon] miGht wanna write ur assiGnment on this topic.

..and why am i tellinG u Guys [bukan bebudak marjon] about this?
sebab aku pon hampir stress nGan menatanG presentation ni.. hadoi laaa...
pulak tu ade soranG minah tu sebok je suh aku update..
lantas, aku pon update laaa..
k lah..
wanna hit the books.
Doakanlah presentation Group aku nGan bebudak lain sumer nya ok.


  1. Yo Cik Leili..GAMBAREYO!!(>,<)..
    Moga Najah esok!!*wink*

  2. baek..baek..!!
    huhu... datanG lah walaupon ribut, i wanna end this ordeal.. haiyah..!!


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