Thursday, July 21, 2005

fOr rEal..??

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have u guys watched the new reality tv in malaysia "mencari cinta"? amacam? best tak?? i understand that this proGram is quite similar to 'average joe', 'date a millionnaire' and so on.. rite? bottom line, it's a proGram where the winner of it will end up as the lover of the person they are GoinG for. what the heck?!

personally, i just don't think that it fits our culture babe. i don't Give a damn if they do it in other countries, but malaysia..?? dah takde bende lain nak buat ke oi? dah takde cara lain dah ke nak carik jodoh?? hadoi laaaa... may be there is a positive side to it, but i just don't see it.

urGh.. the thouGht of it just disgusts me.
sorry peeps if some of u Guys are fans. huhu..

reality proGrammes are beGininG to become crap. read unGku aziz's view
some are fun to watch.
yeah.. perhaps i shouldn't be emotional about this crap. heh..
aku meluat..!! me-lu-at..!! yah..!!
[petikan dari filem 'BULi'. tak tenGok? best woo... cerita Ngarut yanG best dan klakar]


  1. ni semua lakonan jer. pompuan tu staff utusan.

    still... kami anggap perempuan dalam so called 'show' ni... SLUT!

  2. really? lokonan juGak? adoi laaa.... apa kes?


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!