Wednesday, July 20, 2005

liFes likE tHat ya..

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hello peeps.. just thouGht of droppinG down few lines before i Go to bed tonite. today is a-lot-of-thinkinG day. in case if you don't know, a-lot-of-thinkinG day is a day where i think about stuff that actually matters, like my future and so on. huh... what an issue to think of.
today friends and i received our assiGnments, portfolios and exams marks. need i elaborate??? *siGhs* like what they say, u Get what you work for. so, i did.. hmm.. there were a few "alarminG yet happy" results, while the rest are "alarminG and sadistic". haha.. the result for 2 out of 3 modules sucks. it sucks BIG time. just like the branflakes i eat every morninG. huh.. like i mentioned earlier, you Get what you work for. nothinG personal, it's just life. hah..
well, Glad to say that the marks for my "Language Across the Curriculum" module was worth the time n sweat. heheh... also did well in my "Subject KnowledGe" timed-essay. was worth the sleepless niGht too. ehek..
so.. i've Got 2 assiGnments cominG up. this time it's for real. it's either flyinG colours or FLUNK. [notice how many times i've made this vow :p] yup..yup..yup.. doinG this for myself. also want to prove to others that i'm worth the scholar, but not as much as i want to prove myself that laziness and dead lepak won't Go far. shish..
thanks to bob's short n sweet 'lecture' this eveninG. sorry ek sebab call masa Akademi Fantasia tenGah tayanG kat tv. padan muka. nGee..
ok laa peeps. Got loads of work to do.. assalamualaikum to all :D

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