Wednesday, October 19, 2005

16ramadhan [what's that??!!]

matured ialah bila kite serious. NOT..!!

what's maturity yar?
i hardly understand what it means. help.
in an usrah session not lonG aGo, i once said that i hope to be a more matured person.
and i did ask ma Gurls how do people actually become matured.
they said, "bila ada tanGGunGjawab.."

what actually defines maturity yar? u think? u behave? u dress? u talk? or what u talk?
..and the Qs keep on cominG.

Grow up.
act your aGe. not your shoe size.
matanG laa sikit. macam bebudak la ko nih.. tolonG laa.. tak matured lanGsunG.

oh.. i'm confused.
myself, not sure whether or not i am matured.
sometimes i look back and think, "bila laa kite nak matured ni?" [refferinG to frens that are of the same wave lenGth].

we lauGh our heads off.
we're silly.
sometimes merajuk macam budak kecik [notice my own bias-ness]
but we do know how to think straiGht.

perhaps that is why people created phrases such as matured in thouGhts, younG at heart. huhu..

so, it never is [or was] riGht to say that some people should be more matured.
i think that unless you have mental damaGe which caused you to be "terbantut" and uncapable of thinkinG about censequences and so on, you're alriGht.

beinG adventurous, silly, funny, doesn't mean you're not matured.
it just means that you live your damned life as you want it.

arGh... bosan nGan oranG yanG suke suh oranG jadik matanG. deranG tu matanG ket?? ahaha..

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