Saturday, October 22, 2005

19ramadHan [sick as a doG]

assalamualaikum peeps, aGain.
saya sunGGuh rajin apdet bloG di bulan puasa ini.

hope all u people are in Great health.
lots of people GettinG sick lately.
weather? perhaps.
kekure was sick.
but already is he kickinG ass this millenium.
Quit smokinG. brilliant eh? *hiGh 5*
neena's sick too. poor Gal.
eat well or no birthday present for u.
and kak Tatty.
hope she's feelinG better.

hey. i'm sick too.
i have a sore throat.
biG thanks to the horrible enGlish weather. clap. clap.
uhukkk.. where're my lozenGes??
i have heat rashes.
i drink too much coffee.
i dont sleep well.
i have an achinG heart.
..what else?

oh. Give me a break.
thank God there wont be any lesons on monday.
tho'. still busy on that very day.
have a couple of people from MSD cominG to pay us a visit.
how nice.

disorGanised. disorGanised. disorGanised.
*swallow pills* nah..

yeh. couple of thinGs sucks.
biG time.
no more nervebreakinG-soulshakinG-moodsuckinG-days, please..
..or i'll just have to play dead. connotative.

yada yada..
half past one already.
bed, here i come.
thanks for your precious time.

p/s to meself: be nice. or atleast try..


  1. eat well or no befday gift??

    i am well fed.

    and i do eat well


    err. so, lets discuss bout the burfday gift.


    ps: thanx hurney! lov ya! muaks

  2. laa saket ke makcik
    anywho pasal aching heart tu,literally ke?
    huhu bahaye kalo camtu
    take care la ek

  3. haha.. u bet it's real.
    thanks. thanks.


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!