Monday, October 10, 2005

chapter [unknOwn]

finished homework early today.
like really really early.. so that left me alot of time to myself [and fellow friends].
our topic of sembanG today is: IPBA
everythinG about IPBA. ohh.. in case you didn't know, IPBA [institut perGuruan bahasa-bahasa antarabanGsa] is where i used to study before cominG to enGland.
so what with IPBA? apparently, almost everythinG..
Ghost story
spot check
mr ramlan, miss teh
pak Guard, mak Guard, abanG Guard
block 1, 3, 4
class A, B, C, D, E
the bold and the beautiful
the smartass and the dumb ones
the real stars out-shined by faked ones
the controversial RM256 allowence
and the list Goes on and on..

i have to admit. may suck, but have to admit.
i miss the days in IPBA.
eventhouGh we used to merunGut about stayinG in IPBA hostel most of the time, when you come to think about it, it's those days and those experience you'd cherish the most.

you'll never miss the water until the well is dry.
there's an absolute truth in that one. yep. yep..

life is like a novel. many chapters read and forGotten. but some how, these chapters seem to leave a trace in the story of ones life.
sometimes you'd pretty much like to revisit that certain chapter.
the chapter of suspense and critical?
the chapter of romance perhaps?
they just do leave marks deep down in ur heart.
they're a part of our lives.

apa yanG aku nGarut memalam nih. :)


  1. Wah, really like ur last words tuh. Tak pernah fikir life like a novel, tp apa yg ko tulis tu betul aa.. :)

    MSD raya nih ok? InsyaAllah!

  2. hehe.. 'life is like a novel' tu amik dari forwarded sms.
    kanG oranG ckp aku plaGarize lak. hoh..

    okeh. nanti aku kontek ko arr. ek..


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!