Saturday, November 19, 2005

mula.. skranG..!!

my pren rai..!!

saturday morninG.
and how did i start my day?
a bowl of cereal + a book.
a book ??
"very odd. stranGe."
these words miGht be on the minds of the people who know me.
leli? buku? naa..

have some faith in me, would ya?
alriGhty then.
so i dont read books that often.
or specifically, never.
[except textbooks, revision books, the dic, etc]

but i am tryinG very hard now
to attach me self to a book.
i think it was last tuesday, or so..
i was in peQin's room, with all the Girls.
i picked up peQin's 'Alice in The Wonderland' book.
thinkinG out loud, i said..
"Gosh. i wish i can read this book. i'm not even sure whether or not i can finish it"
anyway, the book is considered thin by others.
i vowed to read the book and finish it.
i even added that i would puasa 2 days if i can finish the book.
so serious eh?
peQin also said that she will belanja me starbucks if i can finish it.
oh. bettinG on me, is it? i'll show you people. heheh..

and why are people so enthusiastic in me readinG?
because as i said, i dont.
you'll never see me sittinG [or standinG]
at one corner readinG quietly [or loudly].
it's just not my nature.
stranGe ya?
how can one take a lanGuaGe course
and not love to read, or at least try?
let me share with you a bit of my history.

skolah menenGah

i'm quite sure that all of us have experienced the
'Galakan Membaca' proGramme.
where you write down the details of all the books you've read.
well, beinG an obidient student or so i thouGht,
i would Go to the library everyday after school to Get me self a book to read
and also as an entry to my Galakan Membaca book.
in the school library,
they have a whole rack of Enid Blyton's story book.
and i soooo love them.
i can assure you that i have read each and every of them.
because i really like it.
very much indulGed in them.

after some period of time,
it so happened that
i handed my Galakan Membaca book to my enGlish teacher to be marked.
we Get extra marks in those days if we finish readinG a certain amount of books.

well. i Got comments from her.
i expected encouraGinG comments as i did read alot.
however, all SHE commented was that
'you read too much of children's book. try readinG novels for hiGher level students. you are not in primary school'
ok la. i exaGerated sikit. hehe..

and ever since that moment,
i stopped visitinG the library.
my Galakan Membaca book was often empty.
because i didnt know what to read.
i cant read books i'm not interested in.

that TEACHER killed my interest in readinG.
thanks alot for that, you murderer.


but that was aGes aGo.
zaman-zaman remaja.

today, i want to start readinG.
start from scratch.
now that i am a primary teacher to be,
i can read what i love readinG the most.
children's story books..!!
very Good for my teachinG materials
and methodoloGy.

when i Grad and start teachinG,
i hope that i will never repeat the mistake of MY teacher.

readinG is not easy,
so i will always appreciate my learners' interest in it.

chiayok leli..!!
peQin, i think i can finish that Alice in The Wonderland in a week's time.
thank you my frens
for GivinG me a jump-start in my readinG interest.
leb u.


  1. huh? seminggu? biar betul!!!! that book has been sitting by my bed side for almost a month dah...aku blom abis 10page pun...skali ko dah kidnap plakk...

    hmm i still have loads of other books if u want to borrow.. i dont read heavy emotional, lawak intelek punya buku.. i read for fun cos i enjoy it. glad u are on the same boat.. starbucks waiting!
    p/s: jom gi kedai buku kat hospital tu nak?? heh...

  2. heheh..
    tenGok idunG ar.
    anyways tenGkius for lendinG it to moi. been a very supportive fren.
    btw, i still want a cake.

  3. orang dah hapdet le weii


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!