Monday, November 07, 2005

omG..!!! yuh Guys..

assalamualaikum kenGkawan
tidakkah awak rasa ini apdet yG palinG panjanG??

where should i start?
to think that soo many thinGs happened in just 3 days.
til now, i have not had any proper 6hours sleep.

sambutan deeparaya MAmarjon.
we spent the whole thursday + friday cookinG like hell.
and the result was a whole stretch of various dishes cooked so well that almost all of them were sold out.
especially the lonG-awaited beGedil.
it arrived a bit late.. but wat the heck.
all Malaysian in plymouth came that niGht.
except for dr azlee + wife + 3 cute kids.
had a blast of time.
everyone was wacky and crazy and beinG silly.
not to forGet that we watched a stupid movie >> Gila2 penGantin popular.
done with friday.

at first,i wasnt sure whether or not to Go to london.
what's in london?
the raya with MSD thinGy.
but that was on sunday.
frens and i had planned to Go a day earlier.
our bus was at 7.30am saturday morninG.
i was washed out due to the fact that i didnt really sleep the niGht before.
sebok ber-karaoke.
i slept at 4am and woke up around 6.30am.
heard a yell from the window "leli..!!! banGun..!! nak Gerak dah ni..!!"
i was late.
i scrambbled out of bed.
brush me teeth.
dunk everythinG i need i see infront of me into my baG.
Got dressed.
dashed out of the house.
dashed back in.
forGot me passport.
dashed out aGain.
..and off to london.
i slept all the way.
drowsy ar..

due to the fact that we didnt Get a room in the MSD,
frens and i checked into a hotel a.k.a hostel just behind MSD.
knowinG me, the fussy one, sofihastamawi asked me to out first before we actually pay for it.
and so i did.
everythinG was ok and CLEAN.
pentinG tu.
but i didnt really like the walls.
well. beGGers cant be choosers.
tapi rasa cam memilih juGak. ehehe..
£18.50 perhead, perniGht.

done with that.
we spent the rest of the niGht terrorisinG london.
yahahar.. what a choice of words.
but the most important thinG was that i finally Get to eat at PFC [perfect fried chicken]
the last time i wanted to eat at PFC was durinG the 0707 accident in london.
oh. did i mention how beautiful london was at night?
not to forGet the fact that most shops were decorated handsomely for Xmas.
then we went back to the hotel a.k.a hostel.
but the niGht didnt end there.
it was still early when we reached the hotel a.k.a hostel.
so. we decided to be silly and took pictures of our silliness.
i'll leave out the details.

it's the day of the kenduri at pochester hall by MSD.
the kenduri starts at 3.
but we planned to be there at 2.
so. we made plans what to do and where to Go before 2.
we check.check.check out from the hotel a.k.a hostel at 9.30am.
went to MSD to meet up with abbas there. ahahaks.
left our luGGaGes at the MSD lobby.
..Guess who was on duty?
wa-hey.. it's abG stuck-up.
dont Get me started on him.

next move was to Go to the CHELSEA meGastore.
i didnt know that the chelsea's stadium and meGastore's in london..!!
actually, kak fiza wanted to Go there because she wants to Get her baby bro, a fan of chelsea's, some merchandise frm the meGastore.
i bouGht a baG with a chelsea loGo on it.
kerana dipenGaruhi sofihasta. hoh..
then, we head back to MSD for solat and to Get chanGed into our baju raya.
we met so many nice people at the MSD.
not to forGet the biG people too.
like mr nazir's wife.. and his son. ahaha..

why am i makinG a biG fuss about meetinG these nice people??
because you dont really Get to meet with NICE MALAY people in london.
i dont know why.
there were times when we accidently bumped into a malay and said 'hi' and all, but Got absolutely no reaction.
sombonG bah tu..
that's why i'm so pleased to meet these nice people.
come on laa..
even oranG2 besar pon can be nice.
why cant others do the same?
ashamed of how people can chanGe just because of some GeoGrafical matters.

..ok. ni baru half way cerita.

at the pochester hall for the MSD kenduri, i met aiscream [fiena, dak terato].
was fun but both of us were rushinG here and there, especially me.
due to the fact that i had to catch the 5pm bus.
we didnt have time to sit and talk.
but it was ok.
i'm sure we'll meet up one day. kan eskrem? kan?
oh ya.
i forGot to mention the most funny part.
there's this auntie askinG help from us to dish out the food.
and so we aGreed to help her.
we thouGht that we were to dish the food in the kitchen.
but we thouGht wronG..!!
she made us stand in front of the buffet table and told us how much food we should put in people's plate..!!
it was quite embarassinG yet funny experince.
i remember those eyes lookinG at us.
wonderinG what are these Girls up to standinG riGht in front of the hall at the buffet table when the rest of them are just dyinG to eat. huhu..
what a day..!!

at 4.10, we fled to victoria coach station to catch our 5.30 bus.
instead of takinG the underGround, we took the bus.
because abG MSD [who happened to be mr nazir's son] said that it's quicker.
in the double deck bus, there was this lady, who i thouGht is a nice lady.
because she offered us to sit beside her as it was empty.
but we kindly declined as our baGs were GiGantic and bloated
mine lah tu..
then, when this indian [or could be pakistan] Guy stepped into the bus,
she started to shout real loud.
kak fiza and i were a bit freaked out as we were standinG riGht next to her.
"Get off the bus you bloody animal..!!"
..was one of her favourite phrases.
i felt so lucky that she wasnt racsim towards us.
i just felt lucky.

yada yada.
arrived in plymouth at 11pm.
oh ya. slept all the way.
nGantok ar.
as i reached home.
Got undressed.
switched on my laptop.
did this. did that.
then i heard the the phone ranG.
doreen picked it up.
said 'hello..'
but the phone kept on rinGinG.
i thouGht the phone must be broken or somethinG because that's what happened to the one next door.
so i didnt bother.
then, she called me and said that there's a phone call for me.
beinG the tired me, i draGGed myself down the stairs and picked up the phone.
but the line was dead.
and i saw doreen GiGGlinG away into the room.
some how.. there seemed to be alot of people in that room..
then they started to sinG..
oh ya. did i mention that i was half naked with only my towel on?
and.. is that i Guy i see in the room?
i ran upstairs screaminG my head off.
i heard them lauGhing from downstairs.
kononnya nak suprise kan saya la tu.
skaranG sapa yG suprised?
Gila ah.
what a memorable birthday.
mentanG2 laa saya dah masuk 21..

i just wanna say many thanks to my dear housemates- jules, dodo, lotti for the short but sweet party. and vish for bakinG me the cake.
and allen for not seeinG me half naked. you sure ah??
and linda, sudi, hema, prema for cominG.

and Guys who went to london with me and had the hell of a time, despite the cold weather.
abbas+kak fiza+sofiahahaks+dorthy peQin+ewOks+parah.
we had fun, yar??

oh ya. and oranG yG anta messaGe from malaysia.
pendix kiut, thanks ek.. hehe.

and cayanG. tak yah cakap la..
sebab ari-ari pon anta messaGe kat saya.
tak penah lupa.
saya je yanG slalu lupa nak reply.
hehe.. sori..

ok laa.. dah almost 1.30am.
esok ada class.
which i hope the class [or even better the whole primary edu block] will burn down.
so that i wont have to Go to primary edu class with mat salleh-mat salleh busuk itu.

oh. so tired.
where's my bantal busuk.
smalaman tak tido nGan dia.


  1. Happy Belated Bday! Sorry cos x sembang2 sgt.. too lost dgn member2 lama.. huhu. Tambah lak ko kena senduk lauk... kesiann korang.. aku lama dh lari.. hahaha.

    Neway, apa email ko ek?Nak send pics. Ni email aku:

    Bila2 dtg la Lancaster :D

  2. heheh..
    biasak laa..
    oranG2 plymouth memanG rajin bab2 merewanG nih. huhu..
    kalo ko kawen kat sini, pGGl dak-dak plymouth ajak rewanG.

  3. Happy belated besday leeliiiisss! dah tua rupanya ko. cepat2 la suruh bob sediakan apa2 yg patut. hehehehe

  4. ahaha..
    mekacih ibu panda..
    ko tu plak.
    asik jadik ibu panda jek.
    bila mau jadi mak budak?
    thanks aGain..


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