Tuesday, November 21, 2006


last few weeks
..or was it last few days?
..i'm lost.
anyways, last few weeks
woo told me to listen to this sonG by irwansyah.
..mamat yanG nyanyi laGU mai hart tu.
the title: pencinta wanita.

i have heard of the sonG,
but couldnt care less to listen to the tune.
Guess it's coz i often hear people talkinG about it,
so.. rasa malas nak denGar lak.
..boleh tak?

and when i did listen to it,
..after beinG forced by her
we both lauGhed at the voice of the kid irwansyah tu.
well. he sounds a bit like nick carter.

..and now i dunno why i have that sonG keeps on playinG in my head all the time.
erm. i'm all about lyrics [riliks]
and i Guess the lyric's fine.

kelakar lah.
actually there's an incident which made me want to hear the sonG over and over aGain.
..tho` my ears din really like it, my heart seems to be enjoyinG it.
..mai harrrrrtttt...

sbenar nye aku tatau nak apdet ape.
tunGGu jumaat lah.
maybe ader citer best.
bowlinG bowlinG bowlinG.

stay tuned je lah eh.

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  1. Anonymous4:51 AM

    u still wanna talk bout this heart-wrenching-there's-a-story-behind-it song??
    i het it! i het it!

    its not woo


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