Sunday, January 11, 2009

..boy, am i preGnant

hello all.

i'm tellinG ya.
this whole preGnant thinG is really not desiGned for me.
i mean like..
i learnt that my past miscarriaGe was due to my usual habits,
like walkinG fast, which is my normal pace.
and i like hafta relax alot and cut down on my reGular physical activities.

not that i wont chanGe for the sake of my future baby.
it's just that,
some times i forGet that i'm even preGnant,
which is a bummer cause then i'll start to walk my pace and Get rouGh.
i also learnt that i have a fraGile womb.
therefore causes me to hinder from my usual pace and habits.

i just..
i just want this baby and me to be well.
i really hope friends and family pray for both of us.
yes, i'm paranoid.


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