Wednesday, August 12, 2009

..hate to, but must do.

startinG today
i'd have to make daily visits to the local KKIA.
KKIA is definitely NOT kota kinabalu international airport ya.
its klinik kesihatan ibu dan anak.

as borinG as it sounds
the borinG-er it is to have to attend it at daily basis.


what to do.

am at an overdue staGe riGht now.
so have to check baby's heart beat everyday.

seb baik skolah adik aku tutup sminGGu.
h1n1 nye pasal.
so, she can stay at home and humour me.
as well as be my loyal PA to the klinik and shops.
and everywhere.

i must be very careful with my cravinGs.
sometimes tak crave pon
just simply sayinG that 'oo.. nampak sedap je'

even that,
mama will make sure i Get it.
terharu betol aku.
i yold her that i was just sayinG
she said 'you were sayinG'
'but your baby wants it'


therefore, have to be careful lah.
you know lah our oranG tua.
trust me they're even more carinG when we're preGnant.

..but i love it n_n

okey lah people.
so far, nothinG to report.
just pray that both me and baby are healthy
and will deliver soon.


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  1. yeay.. we now have a baby! hope mummy n baby in good health.

    do take care. and update soon ok? pixes and stories and all.. =)

    ..seems only yesterday aku berguling2 with u..drown under piles of books. now we are married and u r a proud mummy.. time flies eh? =)


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!