Friday, January 29, 2010

my lonely niGhts..

already it is 11 o'clock.
but i'm still wide awake..
hubs + baby are happily sleepinG away.
leavinG me and the zee channel *borinG*

sambil aku bukak Gmail aku,
selonGkar all the old old emails.
loads of pictures in there.
brinGinG back all the sweet memories.

on a cold and lonely niGht like this 4 years back,
i would pretty much be doinG the same thinG as i am now.
listinG to my all time fav sonG
..wanita yanG kau pilih, rossa.
..surfinG the net all niGht.
but i love the suasana in my D room.
bercahayakan study lamp aku yanG malap.
oh so romantic!
..sendiri-sendiri pon leh romantic :P

but, yeah..
toniGht really made me miss my lonely niGhts in marjon.

dah terlanjur bermemories ni,
ter-miss sanGat life as a marjonite.
it was so special.
one of the special-est moments in my life.
with my crazy budds and our could-not-careless lives.
..come to think of it, we WERE really crazy, were we not?

and never will i reGret any of it.
oranG cakap mistakes are to be learnt,
not to be reGreted.
..who said that? :P
..aku wat pepatah sendirik.

ahhh.. one more thinG aku ter-miss ialah time aku + julie rajin peGi Gym.
dalam fitness room, doinG the treadmill.
..sambil denGar laGu crazyfroG, yanG tenGah hit gile time tu.

hmm. kalo nak refresh balik and story kat sini,
sampai chinese new year pon tak abis.

shortcut nye ialah bace balik postinG yanG lame-lame :)
i love my life.
:) tenanG betol jiwa aku malam ini. yeah.