Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sharing the shine together *~

*bats lashes*

today I'd like to quote tryra banks.

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”
― Tyra Banks

..hmm. i love that.

what is this no makeup makeup look makeup look look?
i actually wanna share this tutorial i found
on applying makeup as if u weren't even trying to!

but before that
i wanna share my happiest moment
regarding a compliment i got about my skin, then.
this really actually happened like in 2004,
or around that.

i have been using the Nuriz skin care
since i graduated high school.
..a loyal customer i am.
..they shud make me the face of Nuriz or sumthing.

and i really like it coz
1. no blemish, no zits, no oil.
2. adds a natural blush to my face.
3. lightens up the tone of my face, so i look a tad bit fairer.

and yes,
at that year i totally achieved my beauty goal,
which is to put as little makeup as i can.
or none at all!

and one night.
as i was about to step out of the elevator in my hostel.
a friend popped out and said,
"engkau ni pakai makeup malam-malam buta ni kenapeee??"
and walked away.

leaving me terpinga-pinga there.
i was like "makeup?"
like i totally just washed my face and was ready for bed actually.

i took it as a compliment.
nuriz made my face look the best it cud be
without having to wear makeup. so hopping this cud happen again.

so, yeah.
that was like, one time je kot.

so here it is. finally.

the tutorial on how to put makeup,
thus creating that 'no makeup' makeup look.
..what i really need now.


Monday, September 19, 2011

who says? who says ur not perfect?

bak kata coco chanel :
I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.

tetibe je plak tajuk entry lagu selena gomez.

this entry has got sumthing to do with beauty.

for the moment,
i consider myself a full time housewife.
..because i'm on leave from work.
and having said that
i wud think  that i dont have to doll-up
as if i were going to work..

boy, was i wrong!

'dolling-up' is a must-do, okay?
even if nobody's in the house.
..except for my kids.
even if ur not going out , like the entire day.
even if ur going to meet the kardashians,
..from the other side of the screen.
u have to doll-up a lil bit.

because u walk past that mirror
every once in a while
and u look at yourself.
do u like what ur seeing?
i want to like what i see.
and so that's why
dolling-up wont hurt.
in fact it does u wonders!

i depend a lot on eye-liners,
such as..
and it is quite sad.
because my beauty goal in life
is to wear nothing on my face
except a perfect smile  :)

..oh so pure!

but sadly,
this goal has yet to be achieved.

being able to go light on make-up
1. u have a wonderful skin.
2. u have the 'glow'
3. u are healthy.

so i guess it goes without saying that
1. my skin saks.
2. i dont have the glow.
3. sum part of me is not healthy.

so, yeah.
i have a lot of 'up-grading' to do.
*watched the 'live from red carpet'
those people takde lah cantik mane pon.
i personally think artis malaysia ada yang seriously cantik dari depa.

stay tuned.

Friday, September 16, 2011

definisi : hot headed

hi ya'll..

hot headed.
common, ya'll know what this means, right?
quick-tempered that laa.

but do YOU know where the phrase comes from?
haaa.. i do. 
i do.. i do do do do do do doooo..

our head.
with hair and all that.
traps heat.
..omaigod i sound like a science teacher. 

so what happens when our head feels hot,
you get all those definition of hot-headed mentioned earlier.

try this.
you know it's best to wash your hair like 3 times or so a week.
so that it wont dry out and stuff.

when somebody has an 'emo momento'.
like in the movies
when people feel sad and they go straight for the shower.
cry in the shower.
they like wash their hair too, right?
ade ke yang marah-marah or sedih-sedih masuk toilet and like mandi just up to their neck??

no right?
haa? haa?
nak cool the temperature down lah tu..

______my point is : to myself actually.
is to wash my hair like each time i mandi lah..
coz it feels so much more relaxed.
..note: i didnt have to cry in the shower to get this idea ya know. 
and i feel like the notion of washing your hair like 3 times a week
can only be applied to countries with cold weather.
i dont think there is any problem if we wash our hair everyday.
just use conditioner
and air-it out. 
dont use dryer laa.
it not only dries, but damages your hair. 
let it dry naturally, like under the fan. cool air. 

..why did this suddenly become a 'pesanan khidmat komuniti' lah pulak????
orang prihatin tak bertempat memang macam ni lah. 

*pegang cawan* to better hair for the future!!

stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello all.

i wanna nag.

i'm not a perfectionist.
i'm no neat person.
i'm not tidy all the time.

but i cant stand it if..
..the cushions on the sofas are disoriented.
..the kapet terlipat.
..things are not on the center of the table.
..all the spoons and forks arent on their upright.
..the clothes i hang on the hanger senget.

all these actually membuatkan hidup aku boring.
what bothers me the most
was an incident that happened yesterday
while i was cleaning my daughter's play room.

_____________dah abis kemas
kemas gile gile kaw kaw.
and then aku tutup the gate.
not allowing afrina to go in.
because it is all neat and tidy.
and i dont want her to mess it up., wats the point of having the play room
if she cant play in it?

gosh. i really need a break from this schizophrenia.
..i dont think i'm crazy , btw.

i really hope i can loosen my self up a bit on this matter.
i hate myself for being like this, i do.


Monday, September 12, 2011

nak cantik nak kaver? nak cantik ke nak kaver?

hana tajima.
maria elena.
fatin suhana.
fatin liyana.
..laili roosemarina. eh, takde. salah. sedih.

baru hari ni aku prasan.
sangat BANYAK video tutorials on wearing hijab/shawl on youtube! aku ketinggalan gila.
tapi tingin jugak nak begaye ;p
tengok saje gambau sebelah tu >>>
..hey, mak beranak dua pon kene begaye jugak taw.
..untuk suami ku n_n

yeah, sangat BANYAK video tutorials.
and i watched few.
ada yang oke.
ada yang , like, what?!
ada yang nampak leher.
ada yang komen suh tutup aurat tangan sekali.
..bagus laa tu.
ada yang cam comey.
ada yang , like , what?!
..i've said that right?

haha.. the point is,
i think actually ada two sides of the coin when we're talking about issues pertaining the tutorials.
but then again, i'm in no position at all to give my two cents.
myself pon tak sempurna.
talk about tutup aurat tangan,
i bet bebudak maktab,
skolah lama,
my frens sumer tau my habbit : sinsing lengan tangan.
cam on auto mode.
bile pakai je lengan panjang, mesti nak sinsing.
baik baju kurung,
baik t shirt long sleeves.
yang aku tak sinsing ialah baju yang berlengan 3 quarter.
haaa itu tak sinsing.
kalo sinsing jugak, baek aku pakai sleeveless jek.
kekadang ada hari yang aku cabar diri sendiri.
brape lama aku boleh bertahan with my sleeves down.
..and they dont last that long. *sighs*
and other days, i just forget to.

__________(* >> comel tak symbol bulan bintang nih?
ape- ape pon kan.
better tanye ustaz or ustazah. skool ada ustaz and ustazah. version of a walking islamic dictionary :)

baik tanye diorang.
because ade yang cakap
.."takpe, asalkan niat dia nak ajar orang pakai tudung"
.."niat tidak menghalalkan cara"
.."at least dia pakai tudung daripada yang tak pakai langsung!"
and many many many many more.
actually bace komen orang lagi cam klakar kot.
i mean like common lah people.

at the end of the day,
wat ever it is,
i'd applaud these girls.
ko boleh pakai tudung/hijab/shawl kiut-kiut macam diorang??
..kalau boleh bagush lah ;p

stay tuned and stay adorable for evah.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

kueh kueh raya vs chicago

tajuk cam karipap karipap cinta lak.
well, no. i'm not going to chicago.
..tho i'd love to try those chicago deep dishes [pizza]

actually i wanted to update on some cuppy cakes i made for raya.

yeah, i know like i'm not that talented.
but at least i plated up sumthin, ya know.
my mama said "kepala meja"
like just for hiasan. like that laa.

yeah, i wanted to share about the cupcakes.
..and i did.
but then i ter-saw the cheese cake picture.
thus, ter-remember the story behind it.

the cheese cake raya.

mama :angah, pi oder cheese cake yang abah beli hari tu.
me : aaa.. oke.
me : hello, aa boleh saye oder new york cheese cake untuk raya besok? perlu ke aku emphasis that raya adalah esok???
org jual cis kek : boleh..
me : boleh saya tanya brapa harga dia?
..sopan gila.
org jual cis kek : boleh.. 79 ringgit 5 kupang.
..lama tak dengaq perkataan kupang. thank you.
me : oke, nanti saya pi amik.

cemtu laa lebey kurang.

so i went to get the cake.

me : aa.. saya ada oder cheese cake.
org jual cis kek : oke.. [pi amik] yang ni ka?
me : ah ye. aa.. ni CHICAGO CHEESE CAKE kan? errrr.. i mean, new york.
org jual cis kek : *ketawe* chicago..

perlukah aku diketawakan?
well, yeah. maybe.

what the heck.

i hate it when my daily dosage of blur-ness strikes.

stay tuned ya'll.

disney channel

hello all.

2007 - belum married.
2008 - dah married.
2009 - ada baby sorang.
2010 - bertiga.
2011 - berempat :)

2007 - 2011 ... masih and forever will minat cartoons + animations on Disney channel.

niat langgan cartoon channel kat astro for my kids.
but i just lov lov lovlovlovlov ..
.. mulan
.. cars
.. monsters inc.
.. ratatouille
.. toy story 1 2 3
.. shrek 1 2 3 (4 ade kan?)

ohh i just lov 'em.
sampai penah my hubs cakap
"yang.. kan dah brape banyak kali tengok ni.."
and i'd reply..

actually kan,
its not just the cartoon, animation, the story, the plot,
its the pictures that i lov so much.
the colour.
and stuff like that.

that's also the reason why aku sukeeeeeee sangat tengok racangan masakan on afc and tlc.
tapi tak suke lah yang made in Malaysia punya.
no offence.
hear me out.

the, whatchamacallit?
..the art of making a motion picture.
have u noticed how beautiful the pictures of the food are?
like dalam master chef australia.
oh wow, cara dia focus on the food is, like,
it makes the food looks awesome captain awesome!

well that's about it basically.

orait ya'll.
momma's gotta do wat a momma's gotta do.
stay tuned :)

Friday, September 09, 2011


hello all.

i am 27 years old this year.
and now i have two kids *muke gembira*

people can say what evah they want to.
nurses can give what evah advice they want to.
but i have my own on say the topic of my life , don't i?

things are definitely going as planned.
but i can assure, myself, that family expansion project will stop for a while.
or for evah!
at least that's what i told my mom.

there are couple of reasons as to why i say so.
1. becoz i made sure i was fully awake and aware of the situation while succumbing through pain labor. it was incredibly painful that i decided never to do it again. huhuhu..

2. i can place my utmost focus on managing my family, as well as managing my body.

3. and, plan all sorts of fun activities like traveling. yippee~*

so that sorta conclude my family planning commitments. haha..
why do u have to know this anyway??
i dunno.

well, i hope i am able to blog regularly again.
as i still have more than a month or so of cuti.

yippee? heh.