Friday, September 16, 2011

definisi : hot headed

hi ya'll..

hot headed.
common, ya'll know what this means, right?
quick-tempered that laa.

but do YOU know where the phrase comes from?
haaa.. i do. 
i do.. i do do do do do do doooo..

our head.
with hair and all that.
traps heat.
..omaigod i sound like a science teacher. 

so what happens when our head feels hot,
you get all those definition of hot-headed mentioned earlier.

try this.
you know it's best to wash your hair like 3 times or so a week.
so that it wont dry out and stuff.

when somebody has an 'emo momento'.
like in the movies
when people feel sad and they go straight for the shower.
cry in the shower.
they like wash their hair too, right?
ade ke yang marah-marah or sedih-sedih masuk toilet and like mandi just up to their neck??

no right?
haa? haa?
nak cool the temperature down lah tu..

______my point is : to myself actually.
is to wash my hair like each time i mandi lah..
coz it feels so much more relaxed.
..note: i didnt have to cry in the shower to get this idea ya know. 
and i feel like the notion of washing your hair like 3 times a week
can only be applied to countries with cold weather.
i dont think there is any problem if we wash our hair everyday.
just use conditioner
and air-it out. 
dont use dryer laa.
it not only dries, but damages your hair. 
let it dry naturally, like under the fan. cool air. 

..why did this suddenly become a 'pesanan khidmat komuniti' lah pulak????
orang prihatin tak bertempat memang macam ni lah. 

*pegang cawan* to better hair for the future!!

stay tuned.

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