Saturday, September 10, 2011

disney channel

hello all.

2007 - belum married.
2008 - dah married.
2009 - ada baby sorang.
2010 - bertiga.
2011 - berempat :)

2007 - 2011 ... masih and forever will minat cartoons + animations on Disney channel.

niat langgan cartoon channel kat astro for my kids.
but i just lov lov lovlovlovlov ..
.. mulan
.. cars
.. monsters inc.
.. ratatouille
.. toy story 1 2 3
.. shrek 1 2 3 (4 ade kan?)

ohh i just lov 'em.
sampai penah my hubs cakap
"yang.. kan dah brape banyak kali tengok ni.."
and i'd reply..

actually kan,
its not just the cartoon, animation, the story, the plot,
its the pictures that i lov so much.
the colour.
and stuff like that.

that's also the reason why aku sukeeeeeee sangat tengok racangan masakan on afc and tlc.
tapi tak suke lah yang made in Malaysia punya.
no offence.
hear me out.

the, whatchamacallit?
..the art of making a motion picture.
have u noticed how beautiful the pictures of the food are?
like dalam master chef australia.
oh wow, cara dia focus on the food is, like,
it makes the food looks awesome captain awesome!

well that's about it basically.

orait ya'll.
momma's gotta do wat a momma's gotta do.
stay tuned :)

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