Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello all.

i wanna nag.

i'm not a perfectionist.
i'm no neat person.
i'm not tidy all the time.

but i cant stand it if..
..the cushions on the sofas are disoriented.
..the kapet terlipat.
..things are not on the center of the table.
..all the spoons and forks arent on their upright.
..the clothes i hang on the hanger senget.

all these actually membuatkan hidup aku boring.
what bothers me the most
was an incident that happened yesterday
while i was cleaning my daughter's play room.

_____________dah abis kemas
kemas gile gile kaw kaw.
and then aku tutup the gate.
not allowing afrina to go in.
because it is all neat and tidy.
and i dont want her to mess it up., wats the point of having the play room
if she cant play in it?

gosh. i really need a break from this schizophrenia.
..i dont think i'm crazy , btw.

i really hope i can loosen my self up a bit on this matter.
i hate myself for being like this, i do.



  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Ayu Bismin: sat sat...aku lost track... bila ang ada 2nd baby? cmna aku xtau? huhu....

  2. aik.. ayu???

    hehe.. tak tau plak hg baca blog aku.
    25 sept 2011.
    aku still cuti besalin nih.


  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Ayu: owh...aku kadang2 je teringat nk singgah cni. kali ni teringat ada makna..hehe. Congralutions 4 the newborn ye. take care. nnt senang2 auntie ayu g melawat yeh.....=)

  4. ada makna? hmm.. hehe. yes.. come come melawat us in segamat. we all nak collect duit raya from aunty ayu n_n


saya yakin saya kunci komen ini..!!