Friday, September 09, 2011


hello all.

i am 27 years old this year.
and now i have two kids *muke gembira*

people can say what evah they want to.
nurses can give what evah advice they want to.
but i have my own on say the topic of my life , don't i?

things are definitely going as planned.
but i can assure, myself, that family expansion project will stop for a while.
or for evah!
at least that's what i told my mom.

there are couple of reasons as to why i say so.
1. becoz i made sure i was fully awake and aware of the situation while succumbing through pain labor. it was incredibly painful that i decided never to do it again. huhuhu..

2. i can place my utmost focus on managing my family, as well as managing my body.

3. and, plan all sorts of fun activities like traveling. yippee~*

so that sorta conclude my family planning commitments. haha..
why do u have to know this anyway??
i dunno.

well, i hope i am able to blog regularly again.
as i still have more than a month or so of cuti.

yippee? heh.

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