Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sharing the shine together *~

*bats lashes*

today I'd like to quote tryra banks.

“Never dull your shine for somebody else.”
― Tyra Banks

..hmm. i love that.

what is this no makeup makeup look makeup look look?
i actually wanna share this tutorial i found
on applying makeup as if u weren't even trying to!

but before that
i wanna share my happiest moment
regarding a compliment i got about my skin, then.
this really actually happened like in 2004,
or around that.

i have been using the Nuriz skin care
since i graduated high school.
..a loyal customer i am.
..they shud make me the face of Nuriz or sumthing.

and i really like it coz
1. no blemish, no zits, no oil.
2. adds a natural blush to my face.
3. lightens up the tone of my face, so i look a tad bit fairer.

and yes,
at that year i totally achieved my beauty goal,
which is to put as little makeup as i can.
or none at all!

and one night.
as i was about to step out of the elevator in my hostel.
a friend popped out and said,
"engkau ni pakai makeup malam-malam buta ni kenapeee??"
and walked away.

leaving me terpinga-pinga there.
i was like "makeup?"
like i totally just washed my face and was ready for bed actually.

i took it as a compliment.
nuriz made my face look the best it cud be
without having to wear makeup. so hopping this cud happen again.

so, yeah.
that was like, one time je kot.

so here it is. finally.

the tutorial on how to put makeup,
thus creating that 'no makeup' makeup look.
..what i really need now.


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