Saturday, October 22, 2011


urm.. no.
not an entry on wedding bells or as us melayu people would call it kompang.
btw, kompang goes like this 'kebak..kebak..kebak..kebak..kebum..kebum..kebum..kebum..'
wat the.

hi, all.
lama gilak gwa tak apdet!

well, i took an emergency leave and left for kedah on a plane,
4 weeks ago.
because my daughter was seriously ill.
and i was afraid she has to be admitted to the hospital,
and i cant do that here in segamat.
coz hubby's gotta go for weekend classes
and i'll be alone having to manage lutfi
and if afrina has to be admitted,
that wud be like, impossible.

so yeah.
went back to my folk's and didnt really feel like going online
and didnt really had the time to do so anyways.

_______________back 2 the future.

my first encounter with the k-fever was back in 2002.
it was first k-dramas:
full house
100 days with mr. arrogant (ke arrogance??)
kim rae won dramas:
which star are you from,
my little bride
and many many many more.
then it was the OSTs.
banyak lah.
and i remember tiQa actually introducing me to the SuJus.
and i was like, wat.
apa laa minat mende2 group kpop nih.

and now..
aku cam going nuts over them.
they're so full of life!!
to me, they're more than a boy band.
..malas laa nak citer pasal nih.
kene hayati sendirik.

so yeah.
now i'm back to the kpop fever.
banyaaaaak gila aku donlod lagu.
apsal lagu2 kpop ni sedap eh?
sudah laaa kita ni tak paham pon bahasa nye.
tapi sedaaaaaaap je telinga ni mendengar.

i take this song for example.
by Kyuhyun Super Junior.this song was actually written by himself during his 3 months in the hospital.
sedaaaaaap gilek melody nye,
but it actually was about a bed.
a bed.
if i hadnt told u this,
u wud probably think that this song was about love or sumthing like that kan?
haha.. aku pon.
so here's the clip.

tetibe aku dah malas nak taip.'
boleh ke.
stay tuned.

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