Monday, November 21, 2011

the coolest thing to do when..

last night mase tengok KBSW's Secret show,
ada laa satu soalan tu:
the coolest things to do after breaking up with your partner..

and numero uno is : delete everything.

i so super second that.
there must be an absolute reason why it ended right?
so just get friggin deletin'.
and believe in fate and have faith :)
fffffffeh.. not expect me to start reminiscing my past here.
entry2 dudolu pon aku delete. haha.

this is a very interesting subject to blog about
[and a CWOT]
i dont wanna rub anybody the wrong way, or the right way.
so i'll just leave you to your imagination.
[bile korang dah kawin and ada a couple of kids, u hafta watch what you talk about]

wanna share a song with ya'll in the next post.
see yah.

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