Sunday, November 27, 2011

it works like magic *~

being a young mother, 
it sometimes feel burdening 
when we really want the baby to sleep
and he just doesn't.

this might be how some mothers
start facing stress and moodiness,
and many ill habits.

my baby, Lutfirrahman,
which means pertolongan Allah,

i have had troubles putting him to sleep these past few months.
but now no more!

have you tried the Johnson's Baby Bedtime ?
i tried the Bedtime baby oil.

i don't know why,
is it because of the smell?
or what.
but the name Bedtime is perfect because it really does help my baby sleep better,
thus allowing ibu to relax for a while : )
we mommies need time to relax and allow those back pains to go away too, ya know?

 gave Lutfi a massage,
paying extra attention to his head,
thighs and legs,
and the sole of the feet.

and he sleeps like baby n_n

did you know that massages can help a baby's growth rate?
and proven to help their sleeping order.

try it.
i'm thankful i did.
good things.

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