Saturday, November 26, 2011

shhhhhhhecret garden~*`

so i finally finished the 3 DVDs of Secret Garden.

ahh.. sho shweeeeet.
and totally tak logic.

tapi memang tidak membosankan.
i enjoyed all episodes.
unlike Which Star Are You From [Kim Rae Won]
the moment i thought i would get bored,
something unpredictable comes up.
i love the twist!

memang tak leh nak jangka story line nye.

i love the cinematography.
makes me wanna go to Korea like now!
*bukak page airasia + tengok tiket*

*tutup balik*

aaaa back to SG.
pastu ost dia boleh kata semua pon best.
tapi yang paling famous yang ni laa kan:

[Ost.Secret Garden]Hyun Bin - That Man

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 other than that,
i also like:

You Are My Spring (Secret Garden OST Part 4)

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You are my spring is sung by Sung Si Kyung.

ok lah.
i have so many things happening right now,
i'm not even sure i'm able to handle.
so, off to sort my mind lah.
good things, people.

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