Friday, December 16, 2011

National Service =/= Military Service

So i didnt have to attend to one.
because it wasn't made compulsory then.

macam tak kene je AKU nih nak borak pasal khidmat negara.
i just had an idea.
tu ju.
itu je pon.
i'm all about ideas.
but not with the courage to make them more than an idea.
how sad.
that's me.

___________cerita korea [again?!]
so i like to watch em,
so fraking what?

tapi tengok bukan tengok2 kosong je okay.

memandangkan aku tengok SG,
so i googled on Hyun Bin and found out that dia pun tengah kat Military Service.

i've watched a handful of k-dramas + films.
and some of them
ada mention pasal Military Service.
bukan National Service. 
so, i learn, just by watching k-dramas,
that it is mandatory for
males of Korea aged between 18 - 35
to attend to a 21 month of service.

whereby, our country, Malaysia,
bebudak lepas skolah or SPM aged 18,
selectively drafted,
are to complete a 3 months service.
..kalau salah, tolong ajarkan.

whilst watching k-programs and pondering on their military service,
a thought came to my mind:
"bagus jugak Korea punya military service nih.
sebab ada pilihan untuk pergi bile diorang nak,
which is when they are ready and not forced to.
pastu when ready, diorang punya mental pun mesti ready.
thus, diorang lebih patriotik, lebih bersemangat,
lebih matang, and macam-macam lagi lebih"

that was what i thought laa.
but than again,
ape pula tujuan Khidmat Negara?

The three-month program, which started in December 2003, began as way to encourage friendship between youths of certain ages from different races and ethnic groups and address concerns that the country's various races were becoming increasingly isolated from one another.

all this while i thought Khidmat Negara nih to train bebudak in case our country terlibat dalam war.
or something like that.
was i wrong?
rupa nya untuk menyatukan sesama bangsa.

tapi kalau nama nya Military Service memang makes sense laa kan.
military skills and so on.

so, what is the moral of the story?
is to do your homework on a subject before even thinking of downgrading one.

i also read this blog

i'm writing this for those of you who are wondering about the military service in Korea and who might be thinking "why are all the soldiers so young and why do they have so little discipline when I see them walking outside?" It's because they are having the time of their life, out on a paid leave to enjoy the best of their free time for anything from 2 days to 1 week. :D

and learned that..
as what Dr Mahathir once said,
"do not ape the west"
or in this case, 'do not ape the k-pops'

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