Thursday, November 28, 2013


What in the world in SOBEIT?
How about ALBEIT.
Do you know what it means?
ALthough BE IT.

And SOBEIT is just my rendition of that.
It actually means SO BE IT.

So be it!
..kata-kata orang yang pasrah?
It ain't that at all.
Maybe you weren't feeling so good.
Maybe you were, I don't know, not in the mood?
So be it.
Be the girl you were too lazy to be yesterday.
Because we don't always know,
If we'll live another tomorrow.

..oh. I'm so melodramatic.

Oh. I actually tried this and the results were, obviously, accurate. Lol. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Luqman Ghazali

(.. insert melodi Tanggal 31 ..)

Tanggal baju baju baju..
Masuk labour room
Pastu keluaq balik
Kena sign consent papers
Masuk operation theater
Cucuk bius
Lahir lah Luqman Ghazali

28th May 2013
wow abah!
Banyak nya beli durian!
" tak abih makan, jaga.." said tok abah.

Alah. No problem sangat.

That night I felt uneasy.
Sometimes sakit,
Sometimes unbearable,
Other times ok.

Demmit. Esok nak balik segamat nih.
Ade bersalin jugak tengah highway kang.


29th May 2013
Bukak pintu bilik and saw it.
Rupanya hubs dah standby GL atas meja.
Takut I bersalin smalam la tu..
Tq Abg, u memang the best.

Pain is still there.
Tengahari ni dah nk gerak balik segamat nih!
How the..
..better I go to the spital and just tell them I'm gonna travel long distance and I wanna be checked.

So I did and doc happily confirmed that I have dilated as much as 2cm.
She said balik dulu,
Sakit kuat mai balik na.
.. hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
Then, she said..
Eh, tak prasan. U dah term ni.
Mai I bukak smpai 3cm.
**term means that u are 37 weeks ++

Erm.. I wasn't sure if I agreed to it,
But yeah.
Next thing, I was told to go into the LB I pack my emergency bag
..I'm ready to go.
..the wheelchair is waiting in the hall.
..I hate to to wake u up and say goodbye
Coz I'm leaving on a.. *ok ngarut*

So, all plans for Segamat cancelled.
I'm giving birth today!
Yay - coz aku dok tahan sakit pelvic pressure dah dekat 3 weeks.
Nay - coz I'm almost a month too early to be delivering.

..banyak keja belum siap oo.

In LB,
Doc cerita konspirasi teori yang bakal beliau gunakan.
1. Rupture the air mentuban.
2. Masuk pitocin to amplify kan contraction

Okeh, set.

All's done, Carta CTG (baby's heart rate) plak tak elok.
Every time contraction, heart rate dia jatuh.
And coz of this, doc pakar confirmed that baby is distressed and I have to go for a c section NOW!

Nurse said, untuk baby na. Kita buat yang terbaik utk baby.

Ok people.
I'm not gonna write about how a c sec feels like.
That will remain as a mystery for me and those yang terpilih melaluinya.

So, here's a pic of my hero.
Luqman Ghazali bin Khairil Azhan.
My rezki yang Allah gave me,
Despite me keguguran a month before conceiving Luqman,
And making sure I don't conceive anymore after that,
Memang rezki Allah Subhanallah Taala bagi nih.
Syukur Alhamdulillah aku panjatkan.
Jadikanlah Kami dari golongan yang beramal pada mu,
Ya Rabb.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

*selawat ke atas junjungan Nabi Muhammad saw*

Red velvet Cupcakes.
I baked red velvet Cupcakes.

..and brace yourself kids, and ayah.
Once ibu ni,
Y'all better eat to your heart's content.

Coz ibu takkan buat dah,
For a long loooooong time.

Blame it on this bad omen i have.
Whenever i try a new recipe,
It'll taste really good.
..and of course you'll wanna repeat the goodness kan?

But unfortunately for my case,
The banana tree rarely, or never, bears its fruit twice.

I just can't seem to repeat that awesome moment no more.

Bearing this in mind,
I often include a pesanan penaja to those who taste my food.
"Makan banyak banyak. Pasni takdak dah.."