Sunday, March 31, 2013

*selawat ke atas junjungan Nabi Muhammad saw*

Red velvet Cupcakes.
I baked red velvet Cupcakes.

..and brace yourself kids, and ayah.
Once ibu ni,
Y'all better eat to your heart's content.

Coz ibu takkan buat dah,
For a long loooooong time.

Blame it on this bad omen i have.
Whenever i try a new recipe,
It'll taste really good.
..and of course you'll wanna repeat the goodness kan?

But unfortunately for my case,
The banana tree rarely, or never, bears its fruit twice.

I just can't seem to repeat that awesome moment no more.

Bearing this in mind,
I often include a pesanan penaja to those who taste my food.
"Makan banyak banyak. Pasni takdak dah.."