Sunday, February 23, 2014

Me and a sad lunch today

Well, hello.
Today, my lunch consisted of three cream puffs.
And 2 tablets of Panadol with a few sips of Coke.
..not, I'm not doing drugs.

It's just that when I have a headache,  or migrane,
It's either I take Panadol with Coke, or Ponstans.
Borth work really fast.


Friday, February 21, 2014

The Bekok Waterfalls

Located in the heart of Bekok, Segamat, Johor.

How far are you willing to travel to have your ears feast on the gushing sound of water against rocks?
For me, travelling one hour from the town of Segamat to Bekok is not a problem.
At all.

Our family treats it like a mini escapade.

Opting for the lower parts of the waterfalls,
It seemed much cooler and calming to just sit by the banks and observe the stream.
Rocks play a huge part in creating that serenade waterfalls are famous for.
In this part of the Bekok falls, even the streams are full of rocks, thus one can easily sink in their feet to relax in the shallow mini jucuzzi tub of their own.

Tropical trees crouching over the streams contributes to the therapeutic scene.

Nature in its own class.

Fidget? Fluster?

I think I cannot make it more clear that I, yes me..
Am totally not comfortable upon receiving compliments,  praises, and stuff like so.
I just---*sighs*

I feel like I'm not worthy of the kind words.

So basically,  if you puji me,
I'll be like,
"Eh. Takde lah.. nonono.."
Totally hoing APink, denying, and rejecting what ever you say.


"Laaa.. manede.. "
And shy away, like a stikin' skunk.
..why am I relating this to a skunk, I'm so weird.

Or in extremely worst cases

You will be hit.
As in I'll tampar you or something similar. 

Best thing is to not complement me verbally.
But I do love gifts and surprises. Lolololz..

So, yeah.
I was transferred to the District Office
And thus, received buckets if not tonnes of well wishes and congratulatory.

Imagine how I felt.



Help me out here, baek.