Friday, February 21, 2014

Fidget? Fluster?

I think I cannot make it more clear that I, yes me..
Am totally not comfortable upon receiving compliments,  praises, and stuff like so.
I just---*sighs*

I feel like I'm not worthy of the kind words.

So basically,  if you puji me,
I'll be like,
"Eh. Takde lah.. nonono.."
Totally hoing APink, denying, and rejecting what ever you say.


"Laaa.. manede.. "
And shy away, like a stikin' skunk.
..why am I relating this to a skunk, I'm so weird.

Or in extremely worst cases

You will be hit.
As in I'll tampar you or something similar. 

Best thing is to not complement me verbally.
But I do love gifts and surprises. Lolololz..

So, yeah.
I was transferred to the District Office
And thus, received buckets if not tonnes of well wishes and congratulatory.

Imagine how I felt.



Help me out here, baek.

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